Guidelines for Symposium Proceedings

Sobiad guidelines will be taken as basis for symposium proceedings.

Proceedings should include a Turkish or English abstract which contains 100 (min.)-150 (max.) words, 3-5 key words and a title.

Proceedings should be organized by authors before submitting according to guidelines provided below:

Page Layout: A4-page formatted

Top Margin: 3 cm

Bottom Margin: 3 cm

Left Margin: 3 cm

Right Margin: 3 cm

Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: 12 cm for title, 11 cm for abstract and the whole text, 9 cm for footnotes

Paragraph Spacing: 6 nk

Line Spacing:  1.15 nk for the main body of text and single space for footnotes

Papers from the following fields will be accepted within the scope of the symposium.

There will also be sessions for Poster presentations within the Congress. Please click here for Poster presentation preparation rules.